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Borsehung Products made by Original Equipment Manufacturers

In terms of product quality, Borsehung GmbH employees have all viewed the principle of providing customers with quality products beyond their expectations as a benchmark. This is also the most essential and valuable experience Borsehung GmbH offers its customers.

Although Borsehung GmbH, by all means, can ensure the quality of genuine original supporting products, yet the Company applies strict quality inspection standards to the products on stock. Before the delivery of products to the customers, sampling inspection or overall testing will be conducted to make sure that only the perfect products can leave the warehouse. From the sampling inspection of the new products to the regular inspection of newly arrived products and to the periodic sampling inspection of all products on stock, the inspections are carried out from all angles. For the key spare parts or the spare parts requiring high performance, we will send them to a third-party inspection institution that cooperates with us on a long-term basis for all necessary raw materials and product performance testing to achieve the most reliable quality control before delivery. Strict standards and continuous testing guarantee top product quality.

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BILSTEIN SERVICE AND TRAINING. We enjoy sharing our knowledge – in theory and practice.

Revitalize your BMW 5 Series E39 Touring: Detailed installation instructions for our B3 air springs


Installation is an aspect that is often overlooked but it is super-important. After all, if parts do not fit well or are difficult to install correctly it’s impossible to have an optimally functioning air suspension system. Read more… https://www.bilstein.com/int/en/

Introducing the latest member of the motorsport family

Luka Marko Grošelj joins the BILSTEIN ranks

We take motorsport very seriously. From full factory works teams to grass roots motorsport, each brings a unique and important aspect to the BILSTEIN brand ethos. Each form of motorsport presents its own unique challenge and from these challenges competitors rise up and make their own mark on the competitive scene.

Luka Marko Grošelj is one such character and his chosen discipline is Drifting. He’s heralded among his peers as a pioneer of the Drifting movement in Europe and one of the most successful competitors. He’s been involved in the sport for the last 19 years and competed at the top level for 12 of them. His trophy cabinet includes silverware from all around Europe during his career. These include three consecutive Austrian Driftchallenge titles, two Driftcup championships plus both Italian and German competition cups to name but a few. This year we’re welcoming him as the latest driver to join the BILSTEIN team and we cant wait to see what 2018 has in store for him.

But there is more to Luka’s skills besides this; he was also a Mercedes-Benz-AMG drift taxi demo driver and as a precision drift/stunt driver too. But that is not all, Luka shares his vast experience with young drift stars at his own LMG Drift Academy. His passion for driving extends beyond Drifting and you can also often see him in Slovenian and international hill climb events, time attack rounds and rally stages.

Read more about this at: https://www.bilstein.com/int/en/blog/introducing-latest-member-motorsport-family/

BILSTEIN SERVICE AND TRAINING. We enjoy sharing our knowledge – in theory and practice

These tips and tricks will help you with the installation of BILSTEIN air spring modules on the front axle for the Mercedes Benz M-class W164/W166

Still today, independent garages mostly deal with classic “steel suspension systems”. In our experience, this often gives rise to fear of touching anything when swapping out air spring modules. At the same time this is entirely unfounded if you heed some basic rules.

You should heed these tips and tricks in the installation of the BILSTEIN B4 air spring module for the Mercedes Benz M-class W164/W166 on the front axle.

Installation Instructions: Follow our installation instructions step by step. Incorrect installation can lead to irreparable damage to the new part or the vehicle.

Left/right components: The BILSTEIN B4 air spring modules for the Mercedes Benz M-class W164/W166 are also left/right components. This means you should check the corresponding association before installation. You should also ensure that the air spring modules are only ever replaced in pairs per axle. Power tools such as air screwdrivers must not be used when installing the air spring modules.

Special information for the W164: With the GL model in the W164 range you must disassemble the strut brace.

Compressed air: Before you start with the disassembly of the old air spring modules, you must bleed the air from the air spring modules using the diagnostic system. Carefully loosen the pressure line until you hear the sound of effusing air, and wait until the residual pressure has dropped completely. Then close the line with a filler plug.

Pressure line connection: Once the installation of the new suspension strut is complete, undo the screw connection on the new air spring module. Do not remove the plastic stoppers beforehand. Replace the only pressure line connection with new components. Make sure the cutting ring is fitted correctly: The cone points towards the line. Then screw on the pressure line – observe the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications here.

Release the vehicle: A recurring installation error often happens just when the installation is almost complete. “The vehicle must never be completely released from the lifting platform with unpressurised air suspension otherwise this can cause irreparable damage”, warns Marco Kunert. Before release, the air spring module must be refilled via the diagnostic system and the pressure must have accumulated. You must then activate the vehicle’s lifting mode. “The vehicle may only be removed from the lifting platform once it raises itself up from the platform independently”, explains Marco.

Read more on the Bilstein Website:

BILSTEIN B4 air spring module for the Mercedes Benz M-class W164/W166

Partnership between BILSTEIN and Marklund Motorsport Rallycross is booming – and BILSTEIN joins the sport!

Sharp head-to-head duels, spectacular drifts and 600-horsepower cars that accelerate quicker than a Formula One car – that’s rallycross! The motorsport discipline is booming and we join the sport: starting this season, BILSTEIN is supporting the successful rallycross team Marklund Motorsport. This is our way back to the Rally roots and a technical challenges for the shock absorber material and shock absorber system for this extreme sport.


Flow times motor oil

Fun Fact:

Ever wondered why it’s important to rather fill your vehicle’s engine with a thinner oil?  This video illustrates the flow times of the different oil viscosity ranges. The longer the oil takes to reach complete circulation inside the engine, the more harm is caused on the non-lubricated parts inside the engine.  The faster the internal parts receive lubrication, the better protected the engine will be. #liquimolysa #betterengineperformance #nomaintenance #goldwagenvillieria

The lesson of the day: Start the engine and keep at idling speed for the time according to the oil viscosity as displayed in this video.